pulse extends from tethered lips

  know mute & humming flutter


pulse extends even callused or radial

   patiently tapping tongue & feet


pulse tempered      constellation forms

   generations threading differential lines


pulse beating feather veined

   grasp at each others tenders


pulse extends four chambered branch

   logged pitch of entry


pulse extends an echoing scale

    abalone sheen& tribal insistent


pulse extends us       adobe

   grass clump hearts flung into sifting wind


What I hope we don't forget

the connect is simple

we yawn open palms

intricate as paisley                       firefly                          hesitant

we all want listen

we thin hearts

growing beats we

want current & direction

want promise out of ache


we were small once

know broken                   muted

a body's proportions

distance & the brilliance

ringing the edges

of sight


to sustain is the offer

we attune

we pulse we

can't we panic

we give we center

we haunted

we together

resilience we joys we

quiet we insistent we

become a topography of intimate


what i hope

we don't forget is

we build connection

even when afraid to promise

we always loved us

even tired                    fearful                    questioning


we worth it

we witness

ask only

will you hold my hand

when there is nothing

else you can do


love is echo

love is practice

love is sock pile

love is risk

love is thread

love tender

hummingbird                  pomegranate                 sunrise              flickers

love is choosing

love is how we say yes

to each other

show up even imperfect

love is a call not a paper








skin like our letters

tissued thin

word precariously still

between written

& implied respiration


dear god of untied shoelaces

dear god of bathtub makeshift rafts

why must we fill our voice

with typewriter

machine our pages hoping

send pieces desperate

for story


i exist papery ghost

drowning archive

stutter at lines, echoes, creases

here are my palms

like pages opened

waiting & thready



hearts like photos

sew them into pockets

commit beat to memory

then hollow

the soles of shoes


kneel at our own undoing


this is how we enter

glance at pulsing faces

graveyard our hearts

repeat name as omen


photos into coat hem 

make grandma behind shoulder

brother into sleeve

father near hip


everything petrify


we rhythm a pulse

to the already dying

we guard or inherit

premature elegy



pull teeth drag our names

dirty & gaping

we re-stack

our own vertebrae

become lines


bury clothes under floorboards

hide coins in soap

save broken

glasses           limbs               promises

count backwards

stamps            permissions               train tracks


ricochet of childhood


we shrapnel call

plagiarize          perform

hold our ribs

hold attention

What is my name?

What is my name?

What is my name?